Add or Edit Users

To add a new user or edit existing user settings, click on the Users link at the top of the screen.

To add a new user, click on the Create User button. To edit an existing user, click the Edit link to the right of their name.

There are several settings for each user, which are explained below:

Account Information

This manages the information such as the user's Email Address (which they will use to sign in to their account), Time Zone (scheduled campaigns will be sent according to their time zone) and their Signature (which can be placed at the bottom of each email).


Select any existing campaigns you'd like to assign to the user.

User Settings:

Set a goal for the number of contacts the user is required to email weekly or monthly. The Reports To and Manages sections allow the Admin to set up a hierarchy. Users who Manage others will receive reports on these users' weekly activities.

User Permissions:

Assign specific permission to the user. For example, to allow users to create their own email campaigns, click each checkbox in both the Campaign Permissions and Email Permissions sections. 

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