Configure Lead Scoring

To set up the point system for lead scoring, click on the Settings link at the top of the page and scroll down to the Contact Scoring Configuration section. You can assign points to the following events:

Email Opens: The first time a contacts opens the email. We recommend scoring this less than other events.

Forwards: Whenever a contact forwards an email to another person. This will be scored for each contact the email is forwarded to. Exp: If you specify 10 points for a Forward and the email is forward to 5 people, this will count as a total of 50 points.

Links Clicked: Whenever a link is clicked to a web page or attached document. This event is usually considered more important than Opens or Forwards and you may want to score it higher.

Website Visit: Whenever a return visit is made to your website by a known prospect. The score will only count the entire website visit and does not score for each web page visited. This is usually scored the same as Links Clicked.

Set Target Score: When the accumulated score for a contact reaches this predefined number, it will alert the user with an email notification.

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