Email Delivery: Avoiding The Junk Folder

BuzzBuilder offers the highest email delivery rate in the industry--99%! However, there are still times your emails can be blocked if you don't follow good emailing practices. Here are some of the reasons why emails go to the spam folder and how to prevent it:

1. Poor quality lists and a high bounce rate

If you're buying lists with bad data or using a database that hasn't been updated in the past few months, you're going to have problems. When you have incorrect email addresses, then your messages will "bounce" which means they will fail to be delivered. If you have a bounce rate over 10% then you'll get flagged by spam filters. Before sending your lists, we advise you use an affordable email validation service such as

2. Using too many spam keywords in your messages

Certain words such as "free" or "investment" are likely to get noticed by spam filters and could cause you to be blocked. When creating your email message, use BuzzBuilder spam checker tool--at the bottom of the editor screen, click on the button that says "Check my email for spam keywords."

3. Sending to too many contacts

Spam filters will monitor how often you're sending email and how many people you're emailing. For example, if you send a monthly email to a large list, then they will assume you're mass emailing. Instead, break up your large list into several smaller lists and spread out your emailing activity over several days.

4. Emailing too many contacts at the same company

Most company email servers will look at the number of emails coming from the same sender. If you email too many of their employees simultaneously, you could get blocked. Generally, it's best to email less than 10 contacts in each company. If possible, you can ask the customer to add your email address and domain to their "safe sender" list.

5. Sending test emails to yourself

If you're attempting to send the campaign to your own email address or a co-worker's email address at the same company, this will often end up in the spam folder. This is the case with all 3rd party emailing apps. Your company's email system is confused about why you would use a 3rd party emailing server (BuzzBuilder) to email yourself instead of using your company's email server. It's best to add us to your White List (also called a Safe Sender List) inside your email account. Click here to learn more about White Lists.

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