QuickStart Steps

Welcome to BuzzBuilder. Getting started with your new account is easy. Follow these basic steps:

1. Account Settings

Click on My Account to change your settings:

  • Change your password.
  • Change any contact information that may be incorrect.
  • Confirm that your time zone is set correctly. The reporting and email scheduling will automatically adapt to your time zone.
  • Choose whether or not you'd like to receive certain reports, such as a weekly bounce report or daily opt-out report.
  • Create your email signature. This will appear at the bottom of each email, similar to a Microsoft Outlook signature. If you'd like to add a company logo to your signature, click here to learn how to add images.

Once the changes are complete, click Save.

2. Browse Current Campaigns

In many cases, your administrator may have already created several email campaigns for your company. If so, click on the Campaigns tab and you'll notice various campaigns listed in the left sidebar. Click on a campaign to select it. In the Campaign Emails section, click on the eyeball icon to view a sample of each message.


3. Create Your Own Campaigns

If you've been granted permissions to create new campaigns, you'll notice a button in the top right corner of the Campaigns tab that says New Campaign. If you don't see this button, then you don't have the ability to create a campaign.


To build a campaign, follow these 2 tutorials below:

Building Campaigns, Part 1  >>Watch the Video

Building Campaigns: Part 2  >>Watch the Video

4. Send Your First Campaign

Click here to learn how to send a campaign.

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