Remove Contacts From Campaigns Within

If your campaign contains multiple emails that will be sent to your contacts, you may want contacts from the campaign once they reply.

There are 2 options you have for removing contacts from a campaign:

Option 1: CANCEL the contact from the campaign. Canceling will remove them from the campaign but still allow you to send them other campaigns in the future.

Option 2: OPT-OUT the contact. This will cancel the current campaign but ALSO block them from receiving future campaigns. This is commonly used when a contact asks to be removed from your list, or is not the correct title and doesn't need to be emailed anymore.

The easiest way to remove contacts from campaigns is via your email inbox. Click Here to learn how.

To Cancel/Opt-Out contacts via, here's how:

Cancel a Campaign For a Lead/Contact

1. Go to the person's file

2. Refer to the BuzzBuilder section on the page.

3. Next to the Campaign sent, click the Cancel button. You'll notice the color of the campaign name will change from black to gray to show that it has been canceled.


Opt-Out a Lead/Contact

1. Go to the person's file

2. Refer to the Email Opt Out field in the Contact Details section


3. Double Click the checkbox to make it editable.

4. Click the checkbox and then Save.

*Adding people to the Opt Out list in Salesforce will also block you from sending them emails via the email system.

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