Send Email To A Custom List View

In the Leads and Contacts tab in, you can create a custom list view to show specific types of members. To learn how to create new views, click here.

Once you have displayed a list view, you can send a BuzzBuilder email campaign to any of the members on the list:

1. Click the checkbox next to members you'd like to send to. To send to all members listed, click the Select All checkbox at the top of the list. You can email up to 200 members at a time. You may need to advance to the page of your list to select up to 200 members.

2. Click the Send BuzzBuilder Email button. This will open a popup window that shows a list of your available email campaigns.

3. Select a campaign from the list. To preview the emails in a campaign, click the Preview Campaign button.

4. If you'd like to schedule the campaign, choose the Send Later option and choose a date and time.

5. To apply a Tag to the members being emailed, use the Tags section. Otherwise, you can ignore this.

6. Click Send.

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