Install the Website Tracking Code

BuzzBuilder can track website visits for any of your prospects you have emailed. It will also send an instant alert to whichever user owns the contact in the database. Here's how to add the tracking code to your site to enable this feature:

Insert the line of code below in the HEAD section of your site. After doing so, you can test the connection by clicking on the Settings link at the top of the screen. Then refer to the section Website Tracking Code URL. Type in the URL to your website, including http://, and then click Test Tracking Connection.

Enter the following script on the HEAD section of your site:

<script src=''></script>

Replace YourCompany with the name of your BuzzBuilder account. For example, if your account URL is, then the tracking code will be: 

<script src='' ></script>


Here is an example of where you should insert the tracking code:






<script src='' ></script>








Again, make sure to insert the code in the HEAD section, not in the BODY section.

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