Creating Custom Fields

By default, BuzzBuilder can capture contact information such as Name, Company, Email, and Address. However, you can also create Custom Fields to capture additional information like Gender, Current Vendor or Number of Employees. These Custom Fields can also be incorporated into website forms or used inside your emails to make them more personalized.

Overview of Custom Fields

There are several different types of Custom Fields:

Text Field: Accepts a single line of text. This is the most common Field.

Multiline Text Field: Accepts multiple lines of text, allowing people to elaborate.

Numbers Only: Will only accept a number.

DropDown List: Allows you to create a list of options for the person to select.

Checkboxes: Allows a person to select one or multiple options from a list.

Radio Button: This is usually an either/or option. For example, the person could select Yes/No or Male/Female.

Date Field: Will allow people to select a date from a calendar.

How To Create A Custom Field

1. Under the Campaigns tab, select Custom Fields from the menu.

2. Click Create a Custom Field.

3. Create a name for the Field. Shorter names are better. Then select a Custom Field Type. If you'd like to make the field mandatory, click the checkbox for Yes, This Field Is Mandatory. Then Click Next.

4. Under the Custom Field Details section you can set up defaults for the fields. Generally you'll leave this section blank. Click Next.

5. Select any campaigns you'd like to use this Custom Field with and then click "Add To Campaign and Save." If you're not ready to use the field with any campaigns yet, just click Save

NOTE: If you made the field mandatory and select All Lists, it will not allow users to send any campaigns unless this field is completed. 

6. After you have selected at least one list, click Save. If you don't wish to assign the Field to any campaigns, click Cancel (it will still save your Field).

To learn how to use a Custom Field inside your emails, click here.

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