Insert Images

It's simple to add images, such as a company logo, to an email. Here's how:

1. From the email editor (which is where you write the email) place your cursor where you'd like the image go.

2. First you'll need to upload the image you'd like to insert in the email. To do so, click on the Insert File icon on the right-hand side of the toolbar. This will open the Image & FIle Manager.


3. Click on Upload at the top of the Image Manager.
4. Drag and drop the image file and then click Upload.
5. Once uploaded, select the image in the Image Manager and click Insert.
After you have inserted the image you can resize it, text wrap, or turn the image into a link to a webpage. Here's how:
This tutorial will show you how to edit an image that you have inserted into your email. With any image, you're able to resize, text-wrap, change justification, and link to a web page.

Resize an Image

Click on the image. You'll notice that it now has a box drawn around it. Click on a corner of the image. While holding down the mouse button, drag your mouse to resize the image.

Text Wrap

A "Text Wrap" allows the text to flow around the sides of your image. Here's how to do it:
1. Click on the image to select it and then click on either the Left Justify or Right Justify buttons in the toolbar. The text will automatically wrap around the image.

Link An Image To A URL

Any image can be linked to a specific website URL. For example, you may want to insert an image of a "Learn More" button that links to a product page on your website.
1. Select the image and then click on the Link icon from the editor.
2. In the Link URL section of the popup window, type in (or copy and paste) the address of the website.
3. Click Insert
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