Personalize Your Email With Custom Fields

BuzzBuilder allows you to personalize your emails by inserting information about the Contact or the Sender. For example, you could use the contact's name or company name inside the email. If you have created any Custom Fields, you can also insert these into the emails.
Here's how to insert a Custom Field into the email:
1. From the email editor, place your cursor where you'd like to insert a Field, such as the contact's first name, and then click on Personalize The Email.
2. Select the appropriate field from the dropdown list.
3. Remember to add punctuation, such as a comma, after the field if needed.

Common Fields Used:

Here is an overview of the most common fields and how they are used:
Contact's First Name: Add a greeting such as "Hello Joe,"
Contact's Title: Mention that you understand the contact is the "VP of XXX"
Contact's City: Mention you're contacting companies in the "XXX City" area
Sender's First Name: Introduce yourself in the email (this will automatically insert the first name of the person sending the email, in situations where multiple users have access to the campaign.
Sender's Signature: Add the signature from your profile (My Account section) to the email.
Global Unsubscribe: Add a link that the contact can click to opt-out of all current and future campaigns.
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