Link to a Web Page or PDF Document

In any email, you can insert links to various web pages. You can also attach documents such as a PDF, PowerPoint, or Word Doc by linking to them.

Link to a Website Page

There are two ways you can insert a link in an email:

The Simple Way: Copy and Paste the LInk

Open a new tab in your browser, then navigate to the web page you'd like to link to. Highlight the address of the site and copy it. Then return to the tab where your BuzzBuilder account is. Place your cursor where you'd like to insert the link in the email and then use the Paste function on your computer. After it's pasted, press the Return/Enter key on your keyboard. You'll notice the text is now a link.

The Advanced Way: Use the Link Icon

This method allows you to turn any text into a link to a URL. For example, you could create a phrase such as Click Here that links to your website. Here's how:
1. Type the text that you'd like to turn into a link. Common examples are Click Here, Visit Our Website, and Learn More.
2. Highlight the text and then click the Link icon in the toolbar.
3. Type or Paste the website address into the URL section of the popup box. Then click OK.

Simple Way To Insert a PDF or Other Document

In the example, we'll insert a simple link to the document. The recipient can click the link to view the document.

1. First, you''ll upload the document to the File Manager, where BuzzBuilder will host it for you. With HTML emails, it's not quite as simple as copying and pasting a document into the message.

2. From the editor, click on the File Manager icon.


3. Click the Upload button and drag and drop your document into the window. Then click the blue Upload button.

4. Click the checkbox next to the document you'd like to insert (if it isn't already checkmarked). The click Insert.

Advanced Way To Link To a PDF or Other Document

What if you'd like to add a phrase such as "Click Here" and make it the link to a document? Here's how:
1. Type the text that readers will click on. For example, "Download the PDF" or "Click Here" are common phrases.
2. Highlight the text that will be linked to your document. Then click on the Link icon from the toolbar.
3. If your document is already being hosted on the internet, then type or paste the URL into the Link URL section. If the document is on your computer, you'll need to upload it to the File Manager. 
4. To "jump" to the file manager, click on the File Manager icon next to the URL section.

3. From the File Manager, click the Upload button and drag and drop your document into the window. Then click the blue Upload button.

4. Click the checkbox next to the document you'd like to insert (if it isn't already checkmarked). The click Insert.

5. You'll notice in the Insert Link popup there is now a URL showing you where the document is being hosted. Click OK.

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