Send Campaign To a List (Import A List)

This tutorial will show you how to send a campaign by importing a list of contacts.

IMPORTANT! Before importing, check your spreadsheet to make sure that:
  1. You have a header with labels for First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, etc.
  2. Your header is on the first row and there is nothing above the header.
  3. You have separate columns for First Name and Last Name.  If both First and Last names are in a single column, you'll need to separate them. In Excel, you can do this under the Data menu by selecting Text To Columns. For instructions, click here.


UPDATE: Recently, we've noticed that Excel documents have problems due to bugs in Excel. We advise that you convert your spreadsheet to CSV FORMAT before sending. To do so, in Excel go to FILE>SAVE AS and select the format called CSV (Comma Delimited).

Step 1:

From the Campaigns tab, click Send Campaign.

send campaign.png

Step 2:

Choose the option for "Import a list


Step 3:

From the popup window, click the campaign name to confirm this is the campaign you want to send. If you are an Admin and would like to send a campaign on behalf of a User, select the appropriate user from the list.

Step 4:

Click Choose File or Browse (depending on your browser) to upload your list. Then click Next.

Step 5:

BuzzBuilder will attempt to match each field to the corresponding field in your spreadsheet. Double check to make sure each field is matched correctly. If any fields are labeled as None this means BuzzBuilder was unsure where to find this information in your spreadsheet. Click on the None dropdown and select the correct field.
If your spreadsheet is missing any fields that BuzzBuilder is requesting (such as Mobile Phone) simply leave the field marked as None and these fields will be ignored. Once you've mapped the fields, click Begin Import.

Step 6:

Before sending, you can click the Preview button to see what the email will look like. If you're ready to send the email immediately, choose the Send Now option. Otherwise, to schedule a start date for the campaign, select Send Later and then schedule a date and time from the popup calendar. Once you're done, click Send Campaign.

*NOTE: If you scheduled your campaign to send at a later date, your contacts will be temporarily stored in your Email Queue. To view a list of scheduled emails, go to the Contacts tab and click on Email Queue.


SUGGEST TUTORIAL: Learn how to remove contacts from a campaign when they reply. If you're sending a drip campaign with multiple emails and don't want someone to receive the next email in the sequence, it's important to know how to remove them. Learn More Here

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