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As you send BuzzBuilder campaigns, it captures information on Email Opens, Forwards, Replies, Unsubscribes and Links Clicked. Here's how to view a report on these statistics:

1. From the Reports tab, select Campaign Statistics. This will give you an overview of the performance of the entire campaign. If you'd like to view highly detailed information on the performance of each individual email, you can also select Email Statistics.


2. Next to the desired campaign, click the View link.


3. Click on the white tabs to review the various statistics.


4. After clicking on each tab, you can scroll below the chart to see a detailed list of activity for each statistic.


5. If you'd like to download or print any of the statistics, click on the appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the chart.

6. For each section of the reporting, you can also change the Date Range to view specific time frames.

Here is an overview that will show you how to interpret each part of the reporting:

Open Stats

Total Opens: The total number of times any emails in the campaign were opened. This includes contacts who may have opened a single email multiple time

Unique Opens: The number of individual contacts who opened an email at least one time. For example, if you emailed 100 contacts and 15 of them opened your email multiple times, the Unique Opens would be 15 (since 15 people opened the email at least once).

Open Rate:

This will show you the percentage of contacts who opened your email at least one time. 

Link Stats

Total Clicks: The total number links inside your emails that were clicked.

Individual Links That Have Been Clicked: The number of different links inside your emails.

Bounce Stats

Total Bounce: The number of emails that could not be delivered and were "bounced" back to our system.

Soft Bounces: The number of emails that were blocked by spam filters.

Hard Bounces: The number of emails that bounced due to an incorrect email address.

Unsubscribe Stats

Total Unsubscribes: The number of contacts who were unsubscribed (removed) from the campaign. Contacts can be unsubscribed in 3 ways:

1. The contact clicks an unsubscribe link in the email

2. You manually cancel or opt-out the contact

3. The contact's email bounces due to an incorrect email address and is automatically unsubscribed by they system.

Forward Stats

Total Forwards: The total number of times your emails were forwarded. 

* While we can track who forwarded your message, there is currently no way to track who the message was forwarded to.

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