Remove a Contact From a Campaign (Cancel or Opt-Out)

If your campaign contains multiple emails that will be sent to your contacts, you may want contacts from the campaign if they reply.

There are 2 options you have for removing contacts from a campaign:

Option 1: CANCEL the contact from the campaign. Canceling will remove them from the campaign but still allow you to send them new campaigns in the future.

Option 2: OPT-OUT the contact. This will cancel the current campaign but ALSO block them from receiving new campaigns. This is commonly used when a contact asks to be removed from your list.

There are several ways within BuzzBuilder to Cancel or Opt-Out contacts:


When a contact replies to your email, you can simply FORWARD OR BCC their reply to your BuzzBuilder account and the system will find them in the database and remove them from the campaign (Cool, huh?). This works inside any email inbox, such as Outlook and Gmail, as well as all mobile email accounts.

First, you'll need to know the unique email address to use. Here's how:

Login to your BuzzBuilder account and go to the MY ACCOUNT page. At the top of the page, refer to the section that lists your cancel and opt-out email addresses. It will look like the example below:



You will have 2 different email addresses that are unique to your account. You can use each address to either Cancel or Opt-Out contacts when they reply. To email the contact to your BuzzBuilder account, you can either forward the response or add the address to the BCC when replying.

Here are a couple scenarios to demonstrate how this feature works:

1. The prospect replies to your email and grants you the appointment. You reply back to schedule a date, and add "" to the BCC. Once you click Send, Buzzbuilder will find the prospect in the database and cancel the campaign so they won't receive the next email in the series.

2. The prospect replies to the email and asks to be removed from your list. You FORWARD the email to " and the person is removed from the campaign and added to the Opt-Out list.

* ERROR ALERTS: If BuzzBuilder can't find the contact in your database to remove them from the campaign, it will send you and email alert. In this situation, you'll need to manually find the contact in your BuzzBuilder account. It's helpful to search by the contact's Last Name or Company Name, as they may have replied with a different alias email address that is not in the database.

Cancel a Campaign For a Single Contact From BuzzBuilder

1. Search for the contact to locate them in the database. You can search by First Name, Last Name, Company or Email Address.


2. Using your mouse, Right Click on the contact. Then select Cancel Campaigns from the menu options.


ALTERNATIVE: You may also click on the contact to view the Contact Details popup. Then click on the Campaigns section and click Cancel next to the campaign you'd like to stop.

Mass Cancel a Campaign For Multiple Contacts

1. From the Contacts tab, search for the group of contacts using the Filter Contacts section. For example, you may want to filter by Campaign to show you all contacts who have been sent a specific campaign. For more information about filtering contacts, click here.


2. Click the Checkbox next to the contacts you'd like to cancel. To select all contacts, click the Checkbox at the top (next to the Name column)


3. If you need to select a large number of contacts (200+) you'll need to show more contacts on each page. To do so, scroll to the bottom of your contact list and select up to 500 Contacts from the dropdown menu. If you have more than 500 contacts to cancel, then you'll need to select contacts from multiple pages. To do so, select all the contacts on Page 1, go to page 2 and select the next set of contacts, and repeat until all contacts are selected.


4. At the top of your list, click the Cancel Campaigns button.


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