Import Contacts From A Spreadsheet

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You can import contacts from either a Microsoft Excel file or a CSV file. The information on your spreadsheet can be in any order and it's ok if some information is missing for certain contacts. 

IMPORTANT! Before importing, check your spreadsheet to make sure that:
  1. You have a header with labels for First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, etc.
  2. Your header is on the first row and there is nothing above the header.
  3. You have separate columns for First Name and Last Name.  If both First and Last names are in a single column, you'll need to separate them. In Excel, you can do this under the Data menu by selecting Text To Columns. For instructions, click here.

Step 1:

Mouse over the Contacts tab and then click Import.  Under Campaign Options, choose whether or not you would like to send an email campaign immediately to your list. If you select NO, you can still send a campaign to the imported contacts at a later time.
Click Browse and locate the desired spreadsheet on your computer. Then click Next.

Step 2:

BuzzBuilder will attempt to match each field to the corresponding field in your spreadsheet. Double check to make sure each field is matched correctly. If any fields are labeled as None this means BuzzBuilder was unsure where to find this information in your spreadsheet. Click on the None dropdown and select the correct field.
If your spreadsheet is missing any fields that BuzzBuilder is requesting (such as Mobile Phone) simply leave the field marked as None and these fields will be ignored. Once you've mapped the fields, click Begin Import.
If you experience any problems when importing contacts, click here for troubleshooting tips.
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